Welcome to the DIY Web Project

The DIY Web Project (Do It Yourself), presented by The Reger Group, is a network of websites which display examples of some of the most commonly used website building software.

Each website, in this network, discusses a different tool set and provides an example of its product. The tools are all free or offered at a low-cost and are represented because they are either open-source or just plain easy to learn and use.

Visitors are encouraged to explore this network to see which web tool options could be of benefit to their own projects. Please use this website to help you learn about Webnode


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Feedback is welcome!

This project is a continuous work in progress and and can only expand through collaborative effort, so please offer any input you may have. Any personal experience with the software being discussed, or various questions you have, should be posted on the "Feedback" page or "Comments" sections which are found on most pages of this site.

Also, take a moment to check out the other web tools I cover in the DIY Web Project.